Two of our favorite things? Spending time with family and playing in the outdoors.

We are blessed to be surrounded by countless natural areas to explore here in Oregon's Willamette Valley and we love introducing our boys to nature. But as a mom, I hate putting anything chemical or harsh on my kiddos to protect them from bugs and other threats, so I went looking for natural options to keep our family safe and well.

That's where our inspiration for Your Prepared Family began! We're now proud to offer the same quality products we fell in love with to families just like ours to help you keep your family safe in the face of any environmental or seasonal threats!

We're thrilled to be able to offer you a curated selection of quality natural repellent products and essential oil supplies through our Amazon Store and we look forward to expanding our offerings so that we can serve you better in the future.

About Mary Czarnecki: Former Jersey Girl living in Oregon Wine Country... Foodie, Wine Lover, Marketing Geek, Beach Bum, Gardener, Restaurant Owner, Essential Oil User, and Mom-preneur.

About Chris Czarnecki: Fourth Generation Chef and Owner of the Joel Palmer House and The Barlow Room restaurants... Army Veteran, Oregon Wine Aficionado, Zombie Killer, Proud Papa and Electric Vehicle Fan.